Taste of Colorado

While I have taken a hiatus from this website for the past few weeks, I am pleased to announce that I recently graduated college! I finished 4 years at Virginia Tech with a communications degree and a whole lot of personal growth that doesn’t fit on a diploma. Post-grad life is, without-a-doubt, more stressful than any test or class presentation. So, I did what many recent college graduates set out to do; avoid reality at all costs. Five days after my graduation, I hopped on a flight to Colorado Springs in hopes to hike amazing trails, experience a new city, and eat at all the best spots the state had to offer. While the trip involved a cancelled flight, an airbnb mix-up, a lost wallet and the first time Colorado had seen rain in months, I still managed to have a fantastic time exploring and enjoying my new-found freedom. I hiked the most challenging/rewarding trail I have ever climbed, ate the best food I have ever had and returned home inspired and ready to blog about it! 
Now let’s talk about the food shall we.

Skirted Heifer (BEST Burger)

In the top 3 best burgers I have ever had. Burgers are never the thing I order on a menu because I am very particular about my patty. For example, I am probably the only person who is not impressed with In N’ Out (oops, sorry West coast peeps!). But this Guy Fieri-approved burger was the real deal. I’m talking a grass-fed patty, melted cheddar cheese that extends beyond the radius of the burger, homemade ketchup, homemade burger sauce, and homemade pickles on a homemade garlic bun. (How many times can I say homemade in one sentence?) Seriously, one of the best things I have ever eaten. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives may take up 90 percent of Food Network programming, but they know what they are talking about.

Denver Biscuit Company (Fried Chicken Sandwich)

We took a day trip to Denver, and upon our arrival, Jake asked me to plug a restaurant into the GPS. I googled “Denver food” and this was the first thing that came up so it seemed good enough for me. Jake ordered a legendary fried chicken biscuit sandwich that was another one of the best things I have ever eaten. The biscuits were fluffy clouds of buttery goodness (that I am determined to find the recipe for) and perfectly fried chicken that made all the calories worth it. Highly recommend going here if you are ever in Denver.

Coors Factory (Free Beer)

I am not a huge fan of Coors beer and I am still highly recommending this place for any tourists or locals. This is the largest brewery in the world and they know how to please a crowd. You show up and get free parking, a free shuttle to the brewery, free tour, a free sample and 3 free beers. They allow you to have a glass of Coors, Blue Moon, Killian’s Irish Red and they even have a special Colorado brew that you can only get at this location. Need I say more?

Story Coffee (Cute Coffee Shop)

I am a sucker for cute coffee shops. It really just makes my soul happy to walk into an adorable cafe and order a latte. Story Coffee is in a cute trailer-like location that is so quaint and the perfect place to grab your morning cup of joe. Coffee was good, location was cute and the guy who worked there was extremely nice!

Josh and John’s Creamery (Best Ice Cream Ever)

I wish I had a better picture of this ice cream, but I forgot to take pictures because I was so distracted by this life-changing ice cream. (I blame Jake for my ice cream obsession btw). We have set out on a mission to find the best ice cream money can buy. Up until this point, Homestead Creamery was the clear winner. And then we tried Josh and John’s. I practically squealed when I saw the flavors. Everything from classic malted toffee to almond joy flavored ice cream. And then I saw oatmeal cookie ice cream and I knew what needed to be done. I know I am being dramatic, but I appreciate a good cup of homemade ice cream on a summer night. It was so creamy that it was borderline too creamy, the oatmeal pieces were perfect, Jake’s had amazing chocolate chips and I regretted not going here every night of the vacation. Everything about it was fantastic. Please go get this!


Comment below your favorite travel foodie find! I’d love to hear about what I should go try next. 

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