Healthier Meatball Sub

I made this recipe on a whim today for lunch, and it was so delicious that I decided I had to take pictures and post it to the blog. Last night for dinner we made healthy turkey meatballs (Here is a turkey meatball recipe from Genius Kitchen). We had a ton of leftovers and I decided I wanted to get creative and make something I’ve never made before. I must say, I am not a huge fan of meatball subs, but this panini was delicious! I figured since I used turkey, fresh tomatoes, and thin bread instead of a bun that I could label this as a “healthier” meatball sub. Here is how to make it!

You will need:

2 pieces sourdough bread

Stewed tomatoes

Turkey meatballs (recipe linked above)

1 tbsp pesto

Mozzarella cheese

Butter for the bread


Spread butter on one side of both slices of bread. Slice the meatballs and spread an even layer over one slice of bread. Top that with an even layer of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Spread a layer of pesto on the other piece of bread. Sandwich the two pieces together and cook in a pan on medium heat. Place foil over the pan to help everything get heated and cook evenly. I also added a heavy pan on top of the foil to help press the sandwich down (Like a panini press would do, but I don’t have one. If you do have one, go for it!) Cook on both sides until bread is crisp and the cheese is evenly melted. And there you have a delicious meatball panini! Enjoy!

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