Test Kitchen: Homemade Almond Milk…Was it Worth it?


I have been hearing all the hype about making almond milk from scratch. I’ve heard that the almond milk you get from the store is extremely watered down and that once you try making your own, you will never go back. So I gave it a shot.
I started off my test kitchen by researching recipes and I ended up using my reliable source: Rachael’s Good Eats. Her recipe was simple and easy to follow. All you had to do was soak the almonds over night, peel, blend, and strain. The first step was easy. Just mix almond with water and leave it for 12 hours. The peeling of the almonds, however, was where I started to lose some faith. I soaked my almonds overnight, but I found that they were nearly impossible to peel. So, I let them soak an extra night in hopes that they would easily pop out of the shell like the recipe said. After 2 days of soaking, I was sure that they would practically be falling out of the shell. It was clear that I was wrong when I was still peeling 2 cups of almonds after 3 episodes of Girl Boss. I finally finished the 2 cups when I looked back at the recipe and it read, “peel almonds (optional).” Optional?! This is why you read directions folks.
Anyways, now that I’m done being dramatic about peeling almonds for 2 hours, I can tell you what the result was. Tasty? Yes. Worth it? Depends. The almond milk was extremely creamy. It almost looked like cream, that’s how thick it was. However, I didn’t find the flavor to be anything life changing. It tasted very similar to the almond milk I get from the store. I think that this is worth it if you have the time and you like knowing exactly what goes in your body. Store bought almond milk does have added ingredients, and it was nice knowing that I was literally just consuming almonds and water. While the steps were very easy, I found the process of making it to be slightly tedious. That being said, if I did this again, I would maybe not buy the discounted almonds from Big Lots. I would probably try buying a more reputable brand of almonds and see if the product was any different. I think this is great if you want a creamy consistency, but I think if you are looking for flavor, it’s very comparable to store-bought almond milk.
 I will probably continue to purchase my almond milk out of convenience.  However, I do see myself trying this again in the future. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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