Black Bean Quinoa Tacos

When in doubt, make tacos. Tacos are extremely easy to prepare and can easily be forgotten when thinking of healthy dinners to make. All you need is a base for the tacos and whatever toppings your heart desire. The base of these tacos is a black bean and quinoa mixture. This combination is super high in protein yet, won’t leave you feeling weighed down! I decided to pair this with a roasted corn salsa and guacamole. I’m convinced that if you put guacamole on anything, it will end up tasting good. These tacos have such amazing flavor that I didn’t even add cheese. I made these tacos gluten-free and vegan without even realizing it. Even my carnivore boyfriend said that these tacos even need meat or cheese. The possibilities for these are endless so get creative. Happy eating!
You will need:
1 cup quinoa
8 oz. can black beans
Corn tortillas
Guacamole (I used pre-made guacamole)
Roasted corn salsa (recipe on blog)
Cook 1 cup of quinoa in 2 cups of water or stock. Bring to a boil and simmer until liquid is absorbed and quinoa is fluffy. Add as much black beans to the quinoa as you desire. I used a little over half a can for the 1 cup of quinoa. Quickly heat up the corn tortillas in a pan to heat them through. Then assemble your tacos with guacamole, salsa or whatever toppings you prefer. Enjoy your healthy tacos!

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