A Taste of Nashville

My boyfriend, Jake, and I  decided to road trip to Nashville to explore, relax, and (of course) EAT! What better way to bring in the New Year than binging on fried food and BBQ, right?

Hattie B’s

After an hour of researching restaurants and asking locals what to eat, we arrived at Hattie B’s for a classic southern fried chicken dinner. Being a health conscious eater, I can’t say I have eaten a lot of fried chicken. So, it was easy for me to say that it was the best fried chicken I have ever had. I ordered the medium tenders with potato salad and black eyed pea salad. The medium heat was the perfect amount of spice for me. Had enough kick to get me sweating a little bit but didn’t overwhelm the food. I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts. I feared that it was going to taste like any regular fast food joint. I am glad Hattie B’s proved me wrong. It was easy to tell they take their fried food seriously (as everyone should). When you’re a healthy eater, if you are going to be bad, you have to do it right. We found ourselves craving the crispy, fried deliciousness the rest of the trip. The Nashville natives weren’t lying when they told us that it was the best fried chicken around. Even Food Network has a recipe on their website showing chicken lovers how to recreate this masterpiece step by step. I would highly recommend Hattie B’s if you ever find yourself in Nashville.

Biscuit Love

Our first morning in Nashville we woke up around 10 am, absolutely starving. We could not figure out why we were so hungry, until a day later when we finally figured out that Nashville was in a different time zone (face palm). So technically we woke up at 11 am and didn’t leave the house until 12pm. Starving and scrambled, I quickly went on yelp and saw a biscuit place with 4 1/2 stars, and that was good enough for me. We walked into a restaurant with a great atmosphere leaving me pleasantly surprised. They had biscuits galore. You name it, they made it with a biscuit. Their menu had french toast, fried biscuit dough, and every biscuit combination you could want. I ordered the classic biscuits and gravy and added a sunny side up egg. This had to be my favorite meal of the trip. The biscuits were so fluffy and flaky and every other adjective you want a biscuit to be. The sausage gravy had finely ground bits of sausage throughout it, which made it creamy and flavorful. Most importantly, they cooked my egg perfectly (because lets be honest, there are few things more disappointing than seeing, what looks to be, a delicious sunny side up egg and you poke it to find out your beautiful runny yolk is overcooked). Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but the egg made this indulgent brunch that much better. And a surprising addition to this meal was a bright, acidic kale salad. When I saw greens on the side of my dish (a dish that was also holding delicious sausage gravy covered biscuits) I thought I wouldn’t eat it. However, I would take a few bites of my rich biscuit then move to the bright salad, and repeat that process until I finished every last bite. It was one of those meals when you are so into your food, that when you are finally finished you realized you haven’t said one word to the other person at your table. It also wasn’t until I researched this place later that I found out it usually has a wait that wraps around the block. Guess it was our lucky day.


Peg Leg Porker

Being from the North, I was excited to try some real southern barbecue. Again, we surfed the internet and asked locals the best places to go for amazing barbecue. The overwhelming answer was Peg Leg Porker. According to reviews, it was clear that we needed to try their dry rub ribs and pulled pork. So that is exactly what we ordered. I ordered the pulled pork plater with cole slaw and potato salad. Jake ordered the ribs with Mac n cheese and green beans. About 30 seconds after we placed the order, our food was ready. At first, we thought that it was great service. However, after one bite, we could tell the food had been sitting out for awhile. Our food was cold and bland. Not a great combination. I will, however, give them credit for tasty cole slaw. That was the highlight of the meal. However, the mac n cheese tasted like something I could make from a box. With each bite we hoped that our opinions would change. This is was our final meal in Nashville. It is what we were looking forward to the entire trip. We even skipped lunch in order to save extra room to indulge in the “best barbecue in Nashville.” We were both very disappointed, and knew we have had much better barbecue. When we looked back at the reviews, we saw that a lot of people from the D.C. area had the same opinions as us. Coincidence? I think not. Northern barbecue is giving the south a run for its money.


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